Will Ryanair now let you take your dog on holiday?

Will Ryanair now let you take your dog on holiday?

RYANAIR have announced that they could be reviewing their rules on canine carriage companions.

This means in the future you might be able to take your dog on that budget city break.

When asked about the plans Ryanair Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien said: “This is one of a number of proposals we are looking at under our Always Getting Better programme.

"We are open to lots of suggestions and it's one we are weighing up. We'd be interested to hear what your readers think.”

At present only guide or assistance dogs are allowed on Ryanair planes and they must meet certain acceptance criteria.

According to the Ryanair website: "In order to travel dogs must have a valid EU pet passport, third country official veterinary health certificate, plus required medical documentation."

Additionally to enter Britain, Ireland and the EU the Pet Passport or veterinary health certificate must be supported with documentation confirming that the guide or assistance dog is affiliated to one of the following organisations - International Guide Dog Federation, Assistance Dogs UK or Assistance Dogs International.

"To be accepted on a Ryanair flight a dog must be trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability physical, sensory or psychiatric," Ryanair states.

Aer Lingus already allows pets to travel in the hold, although they are not allowed on board the cabin.

Guide dogs can travel in the cabin for free but for flights from Ireland to the US prior approval is required from the Department of Agriculture.

British Airways do allow pets to travel in the cabin as part of their Open Skies option.

Their website states: "You can travel with your cat or dog on board OpenSkies flights in our Prem Plus and Eco cabin."

But if your dog weighs more than 6kg it will be banished to the hold.

This is far from a budget option though, a ticket for your pet with cost you about £92.50 per flight on top of the cost of upgrading your own seat.