World Health Organisation praises Ireland's 'strong' recovery from third wave of pandemic

World Health Organisation praises Ireland's 'strong' recovery from third wave of pandemic

The World Health Organisation has praised Ireland's "strong" recovery from the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Republic had been hit hard by the third wave, as retail and hospitality reopened before Christmas, people flew home from abroad in their droves and families mixed indoors.

The country experienced an enormous jump in cases, going from having one of the lowest incidence rates in the world to the highest; the number of cases, hospitalisations, patients in ICU and the number of those who sadly passed away skyrocketed.

Now, with the country having been under strict Level 5 restrictions for well over a month, the national effort is making a visible difference.

Yesterday, 556 new cases were confirmed in Ireland-- the lowest in more than seven weeks, compared to when cases soared to close to 9,000 in early January.

Sadly, 68 additional deaths were also announced, the lasting consequence of the high infection rates last month.

But Ireland's extraordinary turnaround has been praised by public health experts in the World Health Organisation, with special envoy on Covid-19 Dr David Nabarro saying the country is in an "exceptional position".

"“I think the Irish recovery has been strong." Dr Nabarro said, according to

"I look across Europe, the rate at which number of cases are declining, I also study rates of hospitalisation and I do see Ireland is in an exceptional position."

He warned, however, that the virus is "capable of surging back with an incredible ferocity," and said that it is "quite likely there will be a fourth wave".

This fourth wave is more likely if world leaders and citizens let their guard down and "take our foot off the pedal," he warned.