‘You will suffer, sweetheart’ – Irish politician receives disturbing hatemail from ‘Priest’ over her abortion stance

‘You will suffer, sweetheart’ – Irish politician receives disturbing hatemail from ‘Priest’ over her abortion stance

AN IRISH politician has shared pictures of a disturbing letter she received in response to her stance on the Eighth Amendment from a man claiming to be a priest.

Independent senator Lynn Ruane took to Twitter today to post screenshots of the mail she received after calling for a repeal of the controversial Amendment in next year’s Irish abortion referendum.

The letter – signed off by an anonymous author calling themselves ‘Father James Clarke High Priest Divine Order of Melchizedek’ – followed another package sent to Ms Ruane yesterday containing a framed image of Judas.


Several other Irish senators who partook in this week’s Citizen’s Assembly on Abortion received similarly bizarre mail threatening “excommunication” from the Catholic Church.

Sharing pictures of the first package yesterday, Ms Ruane joked: “Judas Ruane has a nice ring to it.”

In response to that tweet, Senator Ruane received a scathing letter from the man posing as a clergyman.

She uploaded the latest correspondence to Twitter page today, along with the caption: "There you go. Man shouts and threatens woman and doesn't want her to respond. #repealthe8th".

The disturbing message, in its entirety, reads:


Dear Ms Ruane,

I refer to your moaning, bitching and whining with regards to a package you received about the 8th amendment. 

May I say there is nothing more refreshing than sitting back and watching a woman such as yourself defy God with all your might and strength and then moan when the truth is given to you. It’s like watching a criminal do the crime then moan when caught by the gardai.

If you want to deny God and his laws you will suffer his wrath sweet heart and no amount of moaning will change that, now Ms Ruane a woman like you needs another dose of the truth as here it is.

Excommunication is the least of your worries sweetheart and I have my eyes on you and yours. You Ms Ruane are just another loud mouthed Godless person that represents the new Mna na Heireann.

You set a wonderful example to your child and the children of Ireland. I sometimes wonder would the women of Ireland whom gave birth to this new generation of abortion lovers such as your mother would have considered an abortion if they knew that their child would support abortion.

Why don’t you take a picture of point 76 of the attached affidavit and put it on Twitter? Or the attached Garda statement? And remember Lyne deny me before men or women and you will know what trouble is and my advice to you is to keep your mouth shut and pray to God its not to late for your soul to be redeemed.


Now instead of you all repealing the 8th, don’t you think your time at taxpayer's expense would be better spent reclaiming the corrib project for the people of Ireland and greater good of our country?

And word of warning, during the second coming, it doesn’t matter if your pro or one a second coming, it’s gonna happen anyway and no amount of bitching and whining to the media will change that Ms Ruane.

You disgust me, someone sends you a package with a view to saving your lost Godless soul and you moan and whine and whinge. If my mother went around calling for legalising abortion Id wonder did she wish it was legal when she was pregnant with me and I'd see her in a different light and be thankful it wasn’t and that’s the message all you send out to your kids and kids across Ireland.

In my opinion Ms Ruane whilst your Mother would have been committing a grave sin against God if she had an abortion when pregnant with you, but she also would have been doing Ireland a big favour. Don’t reply to me either Ms Ruane cause your wasting your and my time.

Be on your guard, for you do not know the day nor the hour.

Father James Clarke
High Priest Divine Order of Melchizedek.

The Irish Post has reached out to Senator Lynn Raune for comment.