A rugby lobby group called Progressive Rugby have said Jeremy Loughman's HIA incident is 'catastrophic for the player'

A rugby lobby group called Progressive Rugby have said Jeremy Loughman's HIA incident is 'catastrophic for the player'

A RUGBY lobby group have slammed the decision to bring Ireland Jeremy Loughman, after the Munster man was taken off for a head injury assessment (HIA) in the 32-17 defeat to the Māori All Blacks on Wednesday.  

The incident happened within the first two minutes of the game. It left the 26-year-old dazed and confused, which forced him to be replaced by Cian Healy.  

Loughman came back onto the pitch after seemingly passing the concussion protocols.  

The Prop played on until the 40th minute until being taken off for Healy again.  

Now a rugby lobby group called Progressive Rugby, a non-profit rugby union lobby group demanding better protection for players has slammed Loughman's return to the pitch calling it 'shameful'

The group compared Wales prop Tomas Francis's case to Loughman's, saying should have been removed from the pitch permanently after sustaining a brain injury against England in the last Six Nations.  

'We see Munster and Ireland prop Jeremy Loughman making a very unconvincing attempt to get to his feet. Remaining down, looking dazed, and then helped from the field', the statement read.  

Open and shut case, he’s off. Horrible luck just a minute into the tour as he looks to make his case for a place in the Test side - but player welfare is the number one priority…. 

'But no, Loughman passes a HIA – which he should never have had – and worse still, a la Francis, returns to the field to lock horns again with the Maori All Blacks front row.' 

The statement continued and asked what it would take to for rugby governing bodies to take player welfare more seriously regarding HIA rules 

'These incidents are not only potentially catastrophic for the player but send an appalling message to the wider rugby community and to those considering becoming part of it. 

In a week where the governing body blown the player welfare trumpet, you would think the medical team would have been primed and ready to be super-cautious? 

So, it does start to make you wonder whether World Rugby are playing a tune that not everybody within its auspices is choosing to listen to? 

And if that’s the case, is it not time for the governing body to flex its muscles and show that confirmed failures simply won’t be tolerated any longer? 

Ireland head coach Andy Farrell speaking to media after the game said Loughman passed his HIA, which was performed by an independent doctor.