Billy Walsh ends Irish boxing resignation saga and departs for US

Billy Walsh ends Irish boxing resignation saga and departs for US

Billy Walsh departs from Dublin Airport this morning (Photo: Inpho) 

THE controversy surrounding Billy Walsh’s resignation as Irish boxing head coach came to a close this morning when he departed for the US.

The 52-year-old dismissed any potential resolution with the Irish Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) to take up a role with the US women’s team.

After 12 years at the helm of Irish boxing, Walsh stepped down from his post on Monday, October 19.

The decision followed a break down in talks between Walsh and the IABA over a new contract.

On Tuesday, October 20, the Irish Sports Council gave the IABA 24 hours to resolve the matter. 

Kieran Mulvey, Chairman of the Irish Sports Council, warned the IABA that they should reconsider their handling of Walsh’s departure and accept an agreement regarding his future as head coach, which was put forward in August.

He added that the Irish Sports Council would have to rethink its funding to the IABA if the matter is not resolved.

“My view now is that deal should be offered to Billy even at this late date and give up the nonsense that’s going on now in the IABA about this,” Mr Mulvey said.

“I’m effectively saying when the new funding round for 2016 comes up we will have to review our relationship with the IABA.”

Walsh ended the saga by departing from Dublin Airport to the US on Thursday morning, where he will train the national women’s team.