Coggins responds on The Sunday Game

Coggins responds on The Sunday Game

SPEAKING on The Sunday Game Paul Coggins responded to comments made on the programme by former Roscommon goalkeeper Shane Curran last month.

On May 24 following London’s Connacht Championship loss to Roscommon Curran said: “They’ll come once every 35 or 40 years with a team that can compete, but the overall job of what they’re doing to the championship isn’t that good.”

Coggins issued a reply.  “I wasn’t that critical.  I could have been a lot more critical. It was a very silly statement to make by a guy that should know better. I’m disappointed with it.


"There is more to it than football. We are exiles. Every family in Ireland knows someone - there wouldn’t be too many that wouldn’t have been hit by emigration. We had no choice a lot of us that we had to come over here.  We did our best.

“The statement was absolutely out of order and always will be.  What was done that Sunday night was wrong, it was disappointing. I’ll stick up for my lads. We work hard, we do everything every other county does. That was a wrong statement to make."