Donegal GAA responds to LGFA criticism

Donegal GAA responds to LGFA criticism

Donegal GAA has asserted that the decision to donate €1 million from JP McManus across the county was a "democratic decision" following criticism from the LGFA over the distribution.

JP McManus, a Limerick native, made the donation on behalf of the JP McManus Charitable Foundation, allocating the funds evenly among the GAA, camogie, and women's football in Ireland. This latest contribution brings McManus' total support for the GAA to approximately €32 million.

The Donegal LGFA had expected an equal distribution among the GAA, LGFA, and Camogie Associations. However, the money was allocated solely to the 41 clubs, with each club in Donegal receiving €24,390.

“They divided it among the 41 clubs, so there are 37 clubs that have both men and ladies football, and we have two clubs that have no ladies and one standalone camogie. So, the funds were divided among 41 as opposed to almost 80," said McKinney to the Irish Examiner.

“I have read that it’s being justified as a lot of the clubs are of the One Club model (caters for males and females), which is fine, but One Club is still paying out to two different affiliations. There are clubs that are sharing money fairly between the codes, and there are others that are not."

This week, the Donegal GAA hit back at the Donegal LGFA and said in a statement that it “made a democratic decision to divide the money equally between the 41 clubs in the county.”

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A statement read, “On December 13th, Donegal GAA received a letter from Mr. JP McManus with a donation of €1 million.

“Donegal GAA wishes to reiterate our huge thanks to JP and Noreen McManus, their family, and their foundation for their incredible generosity.

“Clarity was sought from the LGFA and the Camogie Board regarding stand-alone LGFA or Camogie clubs in Donegal.

“Donegal has 41 clubs: one stand-alone Hurling club and one stand-alone Camogie club. All other clubs are either GAA clubs or clubs based on the ‘One Club’ model.

“At the County Committee meeting on January 10th, two proposals were put to delegates: to divide the money evenly among the 41 clubs or to divide the money according to the activities of each club (dividing the money by 81).

"The county committee made a democratic decision to divide the money equally between the 41 clubs in the county.

“The money has now been distributed.”