Dwight Yorke: 'Roy Keane would be a perfect international manager'

Dwight Yorke: 'Roy Keane would be a perfect international manager'

As the search for the next manager of the Republic of Ireland football team continues, many fans are wondering if Roy Keane could be the right man for the job.

With Stephen Kenny's departure, discussions over his successor have been ongoing, sparking debates among supporters and pundits alike. However, according to Dwight Yorke, Keane might just be the ideal candidate.

“Roy Keane would be a perfect international manager. I’ve known him both as a player and a person, and I believe he's better suited to leading a country than managing a club, which demands a more full-time commitment. He's always possessed the qualities of a top manager, but perhaps hasn't had the right opportunities to showcase it,” Yorke said to Instant Casino

The prolonged quest for Kenny's replacement, now entering its 15th week, has left many feeling frustrated. The process has seen names come and go, leaving fans longing for a swift resolution. However, recent reassurances from Marc Canham, the Football Association of Ireland's director of football, hint at an imminent decision, offering hope to frustrated supporters.

Alongside discussions about managerial prospects, attention has also turned to emerging talents within Irish football. Evan Ferguson, often likened to the "Harry Kane of Ireland," has been turning heads with his performances. At just 19 years old, Ferguson's potential has sparked speculation about his future and where he might land.

When asked about Ferguson's suitability for a club like Manchester United, Yorke highlighted the challenges young players face when stepping into the spotlight at top-tier teams.

“Manchester United is a massive club, and very few players of Ferguson's age can meet its lofty expectations. We've seen examples like Marcus Rashford, who took time to establish himself. It's crucial for these young talents to contribute meaningfully, especially during critical phases of the season,” Yorke added.