Eddie Hearn has hinted at the possibility of Katie Taylor fighting in Ireland in the future

Eddie Hearn has hinted at the possibility of Katie Taylor fighting in Ireland in the future

EDDIE HEARN has hinted the possibility of Katie Taylor fighting in Ireland after the Amanda Serrano fight this weekend. 

The Matchroom promoter has claimed that it would be 'disappointing' if the Bray native never got to fight in her home country and has hinted that a fight with Serrano could happen

Speaking to the media yesterday, Hearn said, 

"I just think it would be very disappointing if she never got the chance to go to Ireland and let her have that moment,"

"We will see what happens. It’s too early to comment on anything that has happened," added Hearn, when asked if it would be an easier eventuality in relation to the closing down of MTK. "But if she beats Serrano maybe we could do the repeat there."

Hearn has also given his take on Saturday's historic headliner, where Madison Square Garden will headline the first women's boxing match in its history. 

"We have sold 14,000 tickets, we are going to sell the whole thing out," said Hearn.

"It is only Wednesday and it is quite unusual in boxing to get such a feeling of good will for an event to do well.

"I have got to know Katie over the years. I know this week she isn’t messing around," said Hearn.

"I think Katie is going to stop her, I know it is not a popular pick as you always go Katie on points, but she has got a look in her eye.

"I saw her in the head-to-head yesterday and she is here to fight. This is her "Garden", this is her house, and these are the moments you see her at her very best.

Taylor’s Puerto Rican opponent looked strong, sharp, fit and focused in the media workout on Wednesday and in a sense, took over proceedings, egged on by YouTuber and promoter Jake Paul, who raised her hand in victory following her work in the ring.

And Hearn admitted that the challenger will prove a real handful for Katie going into Saturday’s highly anticipated encounter.

"Serrano looks great too; really strong and you can see the power of her punches," said Hearn.

"She is going to be very dangerous. It is going to be a thriller."