Eddie Jones describes Roy Keane as "one of the funniest blokes he's met" after 2019 encounter

Eddie Jones describes Roy Keane as "one of the funniest blokes he's met" after 2019 encounter

ENGLAND HEAD coach Eddie Jones has described Roy Keane as one of the funniest blokes" he's met.

Jones was speaking ahead of the the launch of this year's Six Nations and mentioned how the Corkman held a Q&A session with Jones' team in 2019 ahead of the World Cup. Jones mentioned that he would love to get Keane down the England camp again.

The England boss said:

"He's one of the funniest blokes I've ever met.

"Like, he's inspirational but his stories are incredible, mate.

"I remember our coaching staff spent about an hour with him and he had us just laughing and laughing and laughing, he spoke to the players and he was equally as funny.

"He's certainly one of the most memorable guys we've had.

"Obviously a very good player and a tough guy in terms of the way he played the game, but a great raconteur of football stories.

"So we'd be happy to get him in again."

Ireland will play England in Twickenham  in March and will be delighted with the news that England captain Owen Farrell has been ruled out of the Six Nations due to ankle surgery.

It was Farrell, who approached the legendary Manchester United captain to seek out advice.

Keane spoke to the The Sunday Times earlier in the year about the encounter and said:

Owen Farrell asked if he could have a private one-to-one chat,"

"He was a really interesting fellow, a little vulnerable because he was captain of England but not of his club.

"We talked about leadership. General chat, I like innocent people, ones who aren’t cool, who don’t worry about going against the tide.

"I gave him the advice I would give anybody who is trying to lead - Be a decent human being, be on top of your own game and don’t be an arsehole."

Jones knows that Ireland will provide a stern test for his England side after the Autumn series wins over Japan, New Zealand and Argentina

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not too worried about Ireland at this stage," said Jones,

"The only game we're worried about is (the opening game against) Scotland.

"So I obviously watched the games and our coaching staff watched the games in Autumn and we're pleased they're doing well, Andy Farrell is a good mate of mine and I'm glad he's doing so well.

"But we're just going to make sure that he doesn't do so well against us."

Ireland play Wales in the opener of the Six Nations in a game that will see full capacity crowds due to the easing of Corona-virus restrictions