IABA senior figures have asked its members to back the reform guidelines set by Sport Ireland and the government

IABA senior figures have asked its members to back the reform guidelines set by Sport Ireland and the government

SENIOR FIGURES at the IABA have pleaded for its members to welcome the change demanded by Sport Ireland and the government in in Sunday's EGM. 

Minister for Sport Jack Chambers earlier this year warned that funding for Irish boxing will be cut by 15% if the recommendations and guidelines weren't abided to or followed by the body. 

Along with this Dormant Accounts funding, or Sports Capital & Equipment Grants would become non accessible to the IABA 

IABA board chairperson Fergal Carruth described the situation as 'pivotal" 

A statement from the IABA read: “The Irish Boxing Family faces a pivotal choice on July 10th, a choice which will affect how every club in Ireland evolves – that is, to embrace the highest standards of governance or face long-term damaging restrictions on our sport” so say the Chairperson of IABA’s Board, Ciarán Kirwan, and the association’s Chief Executive, Fergal Carruth, ahead of IABA’s EGM and following last night’s meeting with the Minister for Sport, Jack Chambers." 

The statement also contained a strong message from IABA board chairperson Ciarán Kirwan warning that Minister for Sports warnings are as serious as they come. 


“The consequences of choosing not to reform, or choosing not to enter our second phase, are grim." 

The Minister for Sport has been very clear – boxing will face funding cuts. Boxing will be constrained. 

We cannot allow this fate for Ireland’s most successful Olympic sport – indeed, we cannot allow this fate for the sport which has brought Ireland two World Championship titles this year. 

The power to prevent this fate lies with every club in Ireland – the decision is theirs, and theirs alone”, Mr. Kirwan added. 

The statement also mentioned the board members that have backed the reform 

"The following members of the IABA’s Board of Directors have pledged their wholehearted backing for reform with Dominic O’Rourke- IABA Board Member – National President, Ted Barry- Munster- IABA Board Member- Munster, Andrew Duncan – IABA Board Member – Leinster, Charlie Toland – IABA Board Member – Ulster, and Tom Geraghty- IABA Board Member Connacht, "ABA 

"IABA does not intend to issue further comment until registered delegates of affiliated clubs have exercised their democratic right to vote at Sunday’s EGM." 

The full statement can be read here