Jake Paul calls out Conor McGregor in diss track, calls him a 'rich little weirdo'

Jake Paul calls out Conor McGregor in diss track, calls him a 'rich little weirdo'

CONOR MCGREGOR has come under fire from YouTuber Jake Paul in his latest diss track. The Ohio native released the video to take aim at a number of UFC's most prominent figures like Dana White, Nate Diaz and McGregor himself.

White and McGregor have been in constant back and forths with the American, with Paul calling the UFC boss (White) out for his poor pay packet rules when it comes to his roster of fighters.

Paul has a record of 5-0 as a professional fighter, despite having never fought a real boxer. He took a swipe at both McGregor and Diaz for their poor boxing records.

McGregor's last boxing bout was with boxing maverick Floyd Mayweather Jr was in August 2017.

The track lasts three minutes and starts with:

"Now everybody from the UFC, put your motherf****** hands up and follow me..."

White is targeted with chants of "

F*** Dana, f*** Dana White, F*** Dana, f*** Dana White, F*** Dana, f*** Dana White..."

He then goes after his friend Jorge Masvidal, who was offered $5million to fight the social media mogul.

"First of all Masvidal, you ain't rich, 50 fights for $5m that ain't s***,"

"Underpaid fighters, where are the health care rights? Got them risking all their lives and they can't quit," he says.

Next comes Nate Diaz' being mocked for his accent and lisp

"All that little Stockton s*** is cool but that lisp got me thinking, 'Do you speak a different language?'

He then eventually gets to McGregor and points out his poor record in UFC and boxing.

"McGregor I ain't seen you win in five years, you rich little weirdo, ugly ass veneers,".

"Took so many losses wound up at VMAs trying to fight with MTK, no surprise here.

"Lamborghini boat but your career is sinking, makes me wonder what Dee is thinking.

"I ain't even dissing now, I'm really speaking, wound up in jail too many times with all the liquor drinking."

He then goes full circle and ends up at Dana White again and calls out his poor pay structure

"Dana, pay your fighters more, give them healthcare you scumbag," he concludes. "I haven't met a single person who says anything good about you.

"I passed my drug test and you went silent. I'm keeping my foot on your neck until you tap b****.

"Stop raising your pay-per-view prices on fans and not paying fighters more... greedy, old, lonely, bald b*****."

It will be interesting to see if McGregor responds to the call-out, he usually is good for a cheeky reply.