Keane and O'Neill 'fine' after M50 crash

Keane and O'Neill 'fine' after M50 crash

REPUBLIC of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill insists that he and assistant Roy Keane are ‘fine’ following a Tuesday evening M50 car crash.

Coaches Steve Walford, Steve Guppy, and Seamus McDonagh were also in the vehicle, but O’Neill downplayed the incident at a press briefing on Wednesday.

“We’re fine, we’re fine,” O’Neill said. “I’ll survive anyway.”

“We just got shunted from the back and I’ll speak for myself and say I’m feeling not so bad.

“Listen, we’re fine.

Rumours circulated about O’Neill and Keane being spotted in Cobh yesterday, but the Irish boss didn’t want to discuss where they had spent a day off.

“In the scheme of life, that’s not really important.  If I really wanted to do that, I should go on Twitter with what I’m doing every 10 minutes.”

“We gave the players a little bit of time off and I think they were okay. Some of them played a little bit of golf, but they all reported back last night and we trained this morning and they’re okay.

“They may have slagged some of the other staff, but they certainly didn’t slag me.”