Lampard once again praises 'amazing' Seamus Coleman

Lampard once again praises 'amazing' Seamus Coleman

Frank Lampard has once again praised Seamus Coleman's character when they worked together as a manager and player.

Everton, Lampard, and Coleman were in a sticky situation in 2022 and were close to relegation but eventually managed to avoid dropping to the English Championship that year.

Lampard that year praised Coleman, describing the club captain as "one of the best people he'd ever met in football."

"Seamus Coleman of Everton is one of Ireland's best ever," says Dunne. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

"I also know Seamus to be the best man and one of the best people that I have worked with in this game. He'll also say the right things and do the right things. If it feels like he is contributing well to this club, he will want to stay here and help the cause. That is the sort of guy he is," said Lampard in 2022.

Since then, Coleman, who signed for a small fee from League of Ireland club Sligo Rovers, suffered a serious injury, managed to overcome the injury, and is now the "Toffees" record Premier League appearance maker after he chalked up his 355th top-flight display in Sunday's scoreless draw two weeks ago.

Lampard this week appeared on the podcast Stick to Football with the likes of Roy Keane, Ian Wright, Jamie Carragher, Jill Scott, and Gary Neville to talk about his career, Everton, management, and his relationship with Coleman.

Lampard described what Coleman was like on and off the pitch and once again praised the Killybegs native for his hard work and effort while the club was struggling to stay in the Premier League.

“Seamus [Coleman] was amazing from the first time I sat with him, so now I messaged him the other day because he made his way 15 years ago. That was incredible, and what a player as well, by the way. I remember playing against him, and I didn't really appreciate it. I want to work with him because, at that point, he's 33," said the Englishman.

"It wasn't just what he did on the pitch; it was what he did off the pitch. His standards, his humility, everything about him as a team player—you know, a family man. But there's not a bit of him that's not genuine, and he wore it on his face when we were struggling. It was like he really cared about it. You want to say something to the other players, but speak in front of them on your own."

Lampard also claimed that Everton's players and Coleman used Carragher's comments about them not "being good enough" as a reference point to stay up.

“They really are a poor outfit. They are average players and average characters. Frank has his work cut out, "said Carragher in March 2020. "If he keeps them up, then he’s done very well because they are in desperate trouble.

“It’s down to recruitment. I don’t care who you think you are; you could put Pep [Guardiola] in there, and he’s not suddenly going to turn that group around. They aren’t good enough, and they have a very average group of players. He’s got a massive job on his hands.”

Lampard added his take on the podcast and said, "I remember we spoke about you once. I think it was Monday Night Football, and you had a dig at the players, saying they're not good enough or whatever.

"He used you as a reference point and said, "I was watching Monday Night Football last night. Did you watch it?" to all the players. Probably 90% put it, "Jamie Carragher said this."It wasn't necessarily a dig at you; he probably used it in a smart way. It was basically, "Don't accept that, you know, as players and as managers, we have to take some stick." You know what I mean, but the only way to do it is to react to it, and it was a bit of a turning point for us. I can't remember the exact moment of it, but he was always the man to do that."