Leaked Abu Dhabi Audio Shows F1 Director Masi was influenced By Red Bull in F1 finale

Leaked Abu Dhabi Audio Shows F1 Director Masi was influenced By Red Bull in F1 finale

IF YOU think the controversy surrounding the F1 finale between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had finally been put to rest, well that view would be wrong with the latest revelations.

For people who may not remember the final race at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was won by Dutchman Verstappen after F1 Race Director Michael Masi decided to make the call to allow the five lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen unlap themselves with one lap to go.

Verstappen beat Hamilton to the title which angered race fans across the world. The consensus online was that Masi influnced the race for a better finish. 

Mercedes lodged two appeals, but then withdrew both and conceded the title to Redbull 

Now leaked audio from Red Bull Team Director Jonathan Wheatley and Michael Masi has emerged

The audio shows Masi and Wheatley in dialogue, with the race director agreeing with Wheatley's requests for the five cars to unlap themselves on the final lap

The footage indicates that Red Bull knew what was happening at the time

The conversation from Abu Dhabi goes as follows 

Mercedes to Hamilton: 

There are five backmarkers between you and P2.

Red Bull to Masi: 

Obviously those lapped cars, you don't need to let them go right the way around and catch up with the back of the pack.

Masi to Red Bull: 


Red Bull to Masi: 

You need to let them go.

Masi to Red Bull: 

Understood, just give us a second.

Red Bull to Masi: 

...and then we got a motor race on our hands.

Mercedes to Hamilton: 

We believe they may restart the race like this (with the lapped cars still in position)

Red Bull to Verstappen: 

I think all the cars ahead of you are going to pass Hamilton, everyone behind you will stay in position.

During the race Masi snapped at Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Team Principal as Wolff showed his displeasure at the move 

Masi responded, "It's called a motor race," which was what Red Bull's Jonathan Wheatley had said to Masi.

The FIA's investigation is unlikely to be published before March 18th.

There will be proposals made on how races are managed and the role of the F1 Race Director going forward. That will be addressed at an F1 Commission meeting next week.