Paul Scholes: 'England are in danger of becoming the new Ireland'

Paul Scholes: 'England are in danger of becoming the new Ireland'

PAUL Scholes reckons England – like the Republic of Ireland – are in danger of failing to qualify for major tournaments in the future.

After failing to make it passed the group stage of this year’s World Cup the Manchester United legend believes that a tough task lies ahead for England.

“From what I’ve seen at this World Cup, we’ll be lucky to qualify. I fear England are going the way of the Republic of Ireland, Wales and Scotland,” Scholes wrote in his Paddy Power blog.

He added that an import-saturated Premier League is detrimental to the development of young English players.

“Compared to La Liga and the Bundesliga, the Premier League is going backwards from 1990 and the era of that ‘conveyor belt of talent’.

“This is having such a detrimental effect on the first-team opportunities for young English talent, and our international results.


“Far too often, good English prospects are put out on loan to Championship clubs, or elsewhere, at the expense of very average imports.

“The proposed £34m transfer for the 18-year-old Luke Shaw to Manchester United is another example of something which has a bad long-term impact.

“Clubs are priced out of this market which is why they go abroad for cheap options - they’re not better players. For a left-back to be worth £34m shows how silly the game has gone. For that money I want a centre-forward who’s going to score 30 goals a season.”

As a solution, Scholes favours rigging the system to try to enhance the chance of young native players establishing themselves at top Premier League clubs.

"The Premier League is a cash cow and it’s hurting our national game,” he said.