Peter Crouch and Matt Champan star in brillant new advert for Paddy Power

Peter Crouch and Matt Champan star in brillant new advert for Paddy Power

PETER CROUCH is out for revenge in Paddy Power’s latest viral video after the former footballer receives a supposedly dodgy Cheltenham tip from racing broadcaster, Matt Chapman.

Backing the sole Irish runner in a field of English horses, Former England international Crouch follows the expert’s opinion after the horse was named as the “nap of the day”.

But, his wager of doing the washing up if he loses, or leaving to his wife Abbey if he wins, proves costly for the former Liverpool and Spurs star, after the Irish horse finishes in second place.

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Crouch vows, “You’ll pay for this, Chapman,” as he scrubs away at his pots and pans, sporting a pair of yellow rubber gloves.

Chapman walks out of his house and gets into his car, before catching a brief glimpse of the mysterious 6ft 7in target man in the wing mirror. “Can’t be”, Chapman says to himself, before driving to his local café for a quick brew, where he catches another glimpse of the England star.

Crouch then interrupts the racing broadcaster while recording a news segment for the bookies, as the camera man says to Chapman, “Hold on Matt, there’s someone in shot”.

Chapman looks around shouting, “where?” before we catch a glimpse of the big fella running into the distance, faster than he ever tracked back during his days as a pro.

After this, the ex-England international ambushes Chapman at his home, confronting him by saying you need “to pay for what you did.”

Explaining how the dodgy tip meant he “had to do the washing up – pots, pans and everything,” Crouchy then learns that his pre-dishwasher rinse was all a waste of time.

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But, Chapman clarifies that his tip was “each way”, meaning second place was actually good enough for the Irish horse, and the former footballer had really won the bet, and did the washing up for nothing!

In a sheepish fashion, Crouch then apologises for his unnecessary harassment saying, “I’m sorry for scaring you”, before quickly scurrying away more awkwardly than watching him try to do a stepover.

Spokesman Paddy Power said:

“While tipsters like Matt Chapman aren’t right 100% of the time, it certainly helps to pay attention to the detail of their predictions. Otherwise, you could end up like Crouchy – doing the washing up for no reason at all.”

To view the full clip, visit Paddy Power’s TwitterInstagramFacebook or YouTube channels.

The Cheltenham festival starts on Tuesday 15th March, and a full list of Cheltenham odds are available via the Paddy Power website.