Roy Keane and Gary Neville have poked fun at each other for their different views on Cristiano Ronaldo

Roy Keane and Gary Neville have poked fun at each other for their different views on Cristiano Ronaldo

FORMER MANCHESTER UNITED captains Roy Keane and Gary Neville have poked fun at each other over their treatment of Cristiano Ronaldo after his explosive interview with Piers Morgan this week. 

Ronaldo sat down with the famous journalist to give an unauthorized interview, where he slatted the club, infrastructures, ex players like Neville and Keane, the Glazers, and along with a host of other things.

Keane and Neville played with the Portuguese superstar for a number of years, but have both received different answers when Morgan asked the 37-year-old him questions.

For context, Ronaldo left Old Trafford early during the club's 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur this month. He was omitted from the squad for the Chelsea game the following week.

Speaking in the Sky studio, Keane and Neville went at it in a furious debate over Ronaldo's conduct.

Neville began the debate by backing ten Hag's decision. He said: "For me, [he] had no choice, no option... It's a messy end and Ten Hag is trying to establish control."

While Keane took an opposite view and defended his old teammate. 'Gary, there are players at Man United who have done a lot worse than what he’s done,”

Since then Neville has been called out for his stance, while Keane has received nothing but warms words from Ronaldo

Speaking to Piers Morgan this week, Ronaldo said this of Gary Neville  "To listen as ex-colleagues or team-mates criticize you, when they only see one point of view. It’s easy, it’s easy to criticize, I don’t know if you have a job in television that they must criticize to be more famous.

"I really don’t understand it. It’s hard when you see people who were in the dressing room with you criticizing that way."

While his words on Keane went like this: “It means a lot because I was in a dressing room with them, they are part of my journey in football as well, added Ronaldo

“As I mentioned many times, Roy Keane for me was my best captain ever. Rio Ferdinand helped me a lot, he was my neighbor, I was his neighbor.

“So very, very good guys, not just because they speak good about me but they were there in the dressing room, they are football players, they know how players think and how they behave.

Now in a segment Sky Bet, the pair have poked fun at each other for their views towards the five-time Ballon D'or winner

The topic of Ronaldo came up again in the World Cup preview, where Neville had another go at Keane

GN: "We have got Portugal [against] Cameroon. Cristiano, your mate, Roy."

RK: "My best mate."

MR: "Honestly."

RK: "If he's still there. Listen, if he's been taken off, he might have left by now..."

GN: "You have got him on speed dial, haven't you? You have got him on speed dial."

RK: "Sorry for defending an ex-teammate. You know, I'd defend you Gary, if you behave like that."

When Keane shared his thoughts that Portugal would make it to the semi-finals, they later added:

GN: "He wants that handshake."

RK: "I hope I'm pitchside when they win it and Nev's next to me."

The World Cup kicks off this Sunday at 8pm.

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