Roy Keane wasn't happy with Brazil's 'disrespectful' dancing in the 4-1 win over South Korea  last night

Roy Keane wasn't happy with Brazil's 'disrespectful' dancing in the 4-1 win over South Korea last night

ROY KEANE has slammed the Brazilian players for their celebrations in their comprehensive victory over South Korea on Monday night.  

The Cork native who took issue with Senegal fans' celebrations during the 3-0 loss to England on Sunday once again took issue with another team's celebrations.

Brazil raced into a 4-0 win within 45 minutes to highlight their World Cup credentials. Goals from Neymar, Richarlisonx2, and Lucas Paquetá ensured safe passage to the quarterfinals in Qatar.

However after every goal, the Brazilian players and staff danced for their celebrations. Brazilian Coach Tite also got in on the act.

The Brazil football team for decades have embraced dance as part of their culture, so it would have come as no surprise to anyone when the likes of Neymar and co broke into dance after a goal.

Keane being Keane was having none of it

Speaking on ITV, the former Manchester United captain felt that there was a lack of respect for the South Korea team last night.

"I don't mind the first jig, or whatever it was, for the first goal, but not every time. It's disrespectful. Even their manager gets involved. I don't like it," said Keane on ITV.

"I can't believe what I'm watching. I've never seen so much dancing. It's like watching Strictly. Brazil is fantastic but South Korea? My goodness.”

Brazil manager Tite hit back by saying. “There are always people who are evil who will say that it’s disrespectful."

“It was not to diminish or look down on our opponents.”

And goal scorer Paquetá had his say on the matter after the game: “The dance is a representation of our joy after scoring a goal. We don’t do it to disrespect anyone, we don’t do it in front of our opponents." "We all get together to celebrate. If they don’t like it, there’s not much to say."

We’ll keep scoring goals and keep dancing. This is a group that is happy to score, to get the victory and the goals.”

Fans watching the game slammed the pundit for his views

One Twitter user said: Even for Roy Keane's misery about everything, this is ridiculous. They scored goals at the world cup, they are happy, they are celebrating... with style and rhythm. Why are you upset by that?

While another said: "This is Brazilian culture. This is not to mock or show any disrespect to the other team. Football is not football without Joga bonito and dance. But of course, a white man got to be mad."

This comes days after Keane claimed he found the Senegal support annoying.

Senegal fans have brought a wave of colour and noise to Qatar this year. The 12eme Gainde fan group had been spotted in the crowds for their game singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Keane, holding back no punches, labelled the Senegal support as 'very annoying'.

"Very annoying," the Irishman said."

"You'd think they'd calm down a little bit. It's getting on my nerves. It's lovely but it's annoying.

Brazil play Croatia next Friday at 15.00