Roy Keane's sense of humour shines in brilliant interview about Cork

Roy Keane's sense of humour shines in brilliant interview about Cork

A CLASSIC bit of Keano comedy.

It is truly incredible that Roy Keane is simultaneously one of Ireland's most feared athletes of all time, while also being such a hilarious man.

His comedic timing is second to none, which we now have the pleasure of seeing every week on Sky Sports, and also occasionally on his Instgram page, which he made earlier this year.

But his dry wit shone through excellently in a 2020 quiz that he took part in for Comic Relief.

Alongside fellow Corkonians Hilary Rose (star of Young Offenders) and Donncha O'Callaghan (Irish Rugby international and TV presenter), Keane was being tested on his knowledge of Cork, and moreover what his experiences were like growing up in the Rebel County.

Amazingly, he said that he quit smoking at the age of 11, as he wanted to focus on being a professional football player.

And we believe him too...

He also said his favourite Cork slang word is the use of the word "bazzer", when referring to going for a haircut.

Clips from the quiz, which was originally recorded in 2020, can be seen here:

While we will always have a soft spot for the hard-tackling, aggressive midfield powerhouse that Keane used to be, it is always refreshing to see him lighten up and laugh a little. That's probably why people enjoy seeing him alongside Micah Richards so often these days.