Sean Dyche: 'Coleman has thirst to keep playing'

Sean Dyche: 'Coleman has thirst to keep playing'

Everton's Sean Dyche has claimed that club captain Seamus Coleman has the desire to keep playing despite his age and lack of game time this season.

Coleman, who overcame a serious injury last season and this, has only played 11 times for Everton this campaign, as they have battled relegation all season. After a record-breaking 362 appearances for the club, there is a logical expectation that Coleman, who is 35, will see his time at Everton come to an end in the near future.

However, Dyche has admitted that he and the Donegal native have spoken about continuing with the club for the 2024–2025 season.

"It's ongoing (discussions). I’ve already spoken to him about his view, and I said to reflect on where you’re at," said Dyche.

"I think his thirst is to keep playing, so we’ll be looking into that.

"I don’t think there’s any reason to wonder about his last game—or not at this stage—that’s his words, not mine. He’s made it clear at this stage that his mindset is to keep playing."

The next step for certain players could be coaching with other clubs. It has been the natural path for many former players who have seen their playing time come to an end. Dyche admits that he could see the Ireland captain in a coaching role when he eventually does decide to hang up his boots at Everton Football Club.

"I think he’s absorbed a lot from a lot of different experiences here. For a player who has been here so long, the good part of all of the turnover of managers is that you can learn a lot from the varying inputs, varying styles, and varying ways of working, and I think he likes that.

"He knows the club like the back of his hand. Yes, I could see him coaching in the future, but it’s if he chooses to. These players are different now. Players at this level—you've had 14 years at a club like this, maybe 15—have choices now. When I was finishing, you didn’t have a choice; you had to do something."

Everton play Sheffield United at 3p.m. on Saturday.