UFC fighter Ian Garry says that 'Conor Mcgregor is the person who inspired me to follow my dreams'

UFC fighter Ian Garry says that 'Conor Mcgregor is the person who inspired me to follow my dreams'

IRISH UFC FIGHTER Ian Garry has said that his fellow countryman Conor Mcgregor was an inspired him to follow his dreams. 

The Portmarnock native hasn't lost a UFC fight in his short professional career yet. His record stands at 10 fights, 10 wins to this date.

Ian Garry's rise to UFC stardom mirrors that of Conor McGregor ( Image: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors)

The future looks bright for the Dubliner, but his career could have been very different had Conor Mcgregor not carved a path for young Irish fighters years before.

Garry speaking to fairbettingsites said: “Conor reached out to me and he sent me a message saying thank you for giving me so much inspiration in a time where he was injured, and I thought that was really cool

For my inspiration, the person who inspired me to follow my dreams. After winning with a round 1 knockout… for him to tell me that he was inspired by that and now he’s going to come back in that takeover Part Two. Yeah so that was, that was cool for me that was a fanboy moment for sure.

The Dublin native went on to add that he isn't the next Conor McGregor as he is the future of the sport.

Like McGregor, Garry has a confident swagger about him that has turned heads in the sport just like McGregor did in his pomp some years ago

I’ve always been touted as the next Conor McGregor for ages. And the truth is I’m Ian Garry. I’m the future for a reason. I have an attitude that I’m going to be the best. And I want to go out there and prove it, and I don’t think any baton needs to be passed," said the 25-year-old.

Conor McGregor is Conor McGregor, and always will be the person who changed the UFC. And I just hope to go out there and have my name in the conversation of the greatest of all time. All I want is to have respect for my name as being one of the best fighters to ever enter the organisation. And I think I’m leading that right now."

The full interview from Fairbettingsites can be found here. 

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