Watch: Ken Doherty's mare live on TV during shot demo

Watch: Ken Doherty's mare live on TV during shot demo

DUBLINER KEN Doherty conjured up a hilarious moment on live TV on Wednesday. 

Doherty appeared on BBC 2's coverage of Master Snooker and tried to demonstrate the perfect snooker break.

The former world champion hasn't competed consistently at the top level for years and has mostly been taking part in senior events, most recently at the UK Seniors.

Following the placement of the cue ball before taking the first shot of the game, and how to aim the ball in a decided direction, disaster happened

Doherty's aim was to demonstrate how to take the shot so that the cue ball was back close to where the break was taken and behind either the green or yellow ball to block an opponent's opening shot.

However, Doherty's shot backfired as the ball bounced off the cushion and slowly rolled into the far pocket as he admitted 'that's the worst break ever'.

It's almost 25 years since Ken Doherty won his one and only World Championship against Stephen Hendry.

Those gathered around the 1997 world champion broke out into laughter as an embarrassed Doherty watched on and joked about his poor sho

Returning to studio, former world champion Shaun Murphy joked:

"Never work with children, animals or Ken Doherty"