Watch: Roy Keane in Manchester United’s new third kit launch

Watch: Roy Keane in Manchester United’s new third kit launch

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has made a return to the club to promote their newly released third kit. The kit, featuring a combination of red and white, was unveiled today. The design incorporates the iconic red devil logo and prominently displays the club's primary sponsor, TeamViewer.

Roy Keane originally joined Manchester United in the summer of 1993, transferring from Nottingham Forest. Throughout his tenure at the club, he amassed an impressive 326 appearances. However, a fallout with the then-manager Alex Ferguson in 2005 marked the end of his time with the club. Keane's illustrious career at Manchester United included winning seven Premier League titles. He is also renowned for his pivotal role in the historic Treble-winning season of 1999.

This recent association with the club marks Keane's first involvement since his departure. The club's official website released an 87-second video featuring Keane as both the narrator and the central figure.

In the video, Keane asserts, "So you’re a devil are ya? So let’s remind you of the terms." He goes on to describe the devil as a pact or deal that is not meant for everyone and highlights the high expectations associated with it. He adds, "And as sure as the sun will rise we will know if you mean it. What do you get in return? What's on offer? So there it is. No small print. Sign on the dotted line. But you already signed didn't you, before you were even born."

The video concludes with Keane gazing at a plate of prawn sandwiches, a reference to his past comments criticising United's 'corporate' fans in 2000.

The news of Keane's return has ignited responses from fans on social media. One Twitter user expressed, "I want Roy Keane to narrate everything." Another comment read, "Love the kit and love the Keane."

For those interested, the new kit is available for purchase on the club's official website.