Businessman’s £5k donation to London Irish charity keeps community connected

Businessman’s £5k donation to London Irish charity keeps community connected

A LONDON firm specialising in security services made a generous donation to an Irish charity which has allowed them to keep their members connected during lockdown.

Jason Lavelle, Managing Director at J7 Security, donated £5,000 to Irish Community Services (ICS) in December.

The charity, based in Bexleyheath in south east London, is located just a few miles from the J7 Security headquarters in Erith.

Mr Lavelle, who is of Irish descent, grew up in the Irish community in south London and was keen to support the work of the charity, which has been in operation for more than 35 years.

Founded in 1984, the organisation provides welfare and support services to the Irish community across south London, and has continued to do so, largely remotely, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Jason Lavelle, of J7 Security, pictured right, with Michael Flatley at the Irish Post Awards

This week they told The Irish Post how much Mr Lavelle’s donation meant to them.

“We are hugely grateful to Jason for his gift,” they said, “donations such as his enable us to keep our core services running.”

They confirm that the money has been used to support a project which keeps their members connected with loved ones while in isolation due to Covid-19.

“In this instance we used it for the KOMP No Isolation project - helping our older members stay in touch with their families, especially over the Christmas period,” ICS explain.

“Older people often struggle with modern technology and miss out on the opportunities it provides. With digital communications the glue that binds us, many elderly people, who perhaps are not up to speed with technology, risk becoming left behind and even more isolated,” they add.


“The KOMP device is a solution to that.”

KOMP's product for seniors

The product - a communication tool for those unfamiliar or unconfident with digital devices - combines a single button, TV-like device with a secure web platform and built-in Wi-Fi that allows visual and verbal communication and messaging between an isolated individual and their friends, family and carers across the world

“Those who have received and used a KOMP device speak highly of them,” ICS confirm.

“They love the chance it gives them to chat, to have someone check in on them or just to feel they are in the same room as someone they have not seen for a while.

“With no keyboards, no logging in and no password to remember, it could not be a more user-friendly device.”


They add: “The donation from Jason is much appreciated and helped us to keep our community connected.”
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