Irish firm is first to market with range of yoghurt pouches for children and adults

Irish firm is first to market with range of yoghurt pouches for children and adults

GLENILEN FARM has become the first brand to market with a range of Irish-made yoghurt pouches in Ireland.

The family owned producer, based in west Cork, has launched the new product this week - making them the first Irish-owned company to introduce yoghurt pouches to the domestic market.

With options for children as well as teenagers and adults, the brand is excited about getting their newest range onto supermarket shelves across the country.

Founded in the kitchen of Valerie and Alan Kingston’s home in Drimoleague in 1997, the Glenilen Farm dairy brand made use of the abundant supply of milk at the family farm to create cheesecakes and yoghurts for the local country market.

The company now employs over 50 people and produces a wide variety of yoghurts using milk from neighbouring farms, which are stocked across Ireland and in the UK.

Glenilen Farm's new range will be available across the island of Ireland

Regarding their latest products, Valerie Kingston said: “We are really excited about our new kids yoghurt pouches.

“The pouch means it’s easier to enjoy on the go without the need for a spoon and it has a resealable cap which also helps to cut down on any unnecessary food waste.”

She added: “Our team is constantly looking at ways to innovate using simple, natural ingredients and our new range is backed up by research into what consumers want.

“We’ve also created pouches for adults and older teenagers, combining protein, an essential part of a healthy diet, with kefir.”

The brand carried out extensive research when embarking on the new range, and found consumers were looking for “nutritional yoghurts with multiple benefits”, they explain.

In response, they developed their dual action range of products combining gut friendly kefir and 15g of protein in each 160g pouch.

Glenilen Farm Kefir Protein is available in strawberry and mango flavours, with its kefir a fermented, spoonable yoghurt with 14 strains of live cultures.

Consumers also have the option of choosing a larger 350g pot which contains 33g of protein.

The kids yoghurt pouches are also packed with gut-friendly cultures and are available in vanilla and strawberry.

The new products will be available in supermarkets across the island of Ireland.