JD Wetherspoon settles dispute with Heineken

JD Wetherspoon settles dispute with Heineken

JD WETHERSPOON has settled its infamous row with beer giant Heineken – but its Irish premises will not be selling some of the company’s beverages.

Beamish and Fosters will be back on the menu in the two Dublin locations, though Irish pub-goers will not be able to avail of discounted Heineken or Murphy’s, as these brands are prohibited from the deal.

Last year the controversial chain of pubs hit the headlines once more over a disagreement with Heineken, which supplied several beers and ales to the chain.

Following on from this, it was announced that Heineken products would no longer be served in the 926 Wetherspoon pubs across Britain and Ireland.

The lack of Heineken will be a blow to Irish punters, with the beer proving to be the most popular draft beverage of choice nationwide.

The row between Wetherspoon and Heineken came after a disagreement over supplies to the new Dun Laoghaire premises, the second of an expected 30 Wetherspoon intends to open in Ireland as part of its latest expansion.

Up until the disagreement, the two Dublin pubs had been selling pints of Heineken for about €3 – significantly lower than the €5 Dublin average.

2014 closed as a strong year for the company, with revenue rising from £1.28 billion to £1.41 billion.