11 of the best Irish pranks ahead of April Fool's Day

11 of the best Irish pranks ahead of April Fool's Day

APRIL FOOL'S Day is just around the corner, so it's time to revisit some of our favourite Irish pranks from over the years.


Irish schoolgirl asks demolition company to blow up her school

A plucky Irish girl called up a demolition business to ask for a very odd favour.

Becky, from Dublin was fed up with her mean teachers and all the extra homework and decided she’d had enough. The clip of her prank has been shared across Youtube, Facebook and more, and has been viewed tens of millions of times in total.


The dog ate the Christmas ham!

Dearbhla Brogan posted the video of her mum returning from Mass on Christmas day only to find the dining room door open and the Christmas ham missing from the table.

Thinking the dog has escaped with the ham, Mrs Brogan's hilarious, and very sweary reaction is caught on her daughter's phone.

After a few minutes, the sisters reveal the ham is safe to their mum, who sees the funny side - kind of.


The live TV prank

In June 2016, the Euros were in full swing-- as was the craic, as Irish fans travelled across Europe to watch their team play.

During a live televised interview between RTÉ presenter Daire O'Brien and former Carlow senior hurling manager John Meyler ahead of Ireland v Sweden on 12 June, Irish fans in the background couldn't resist playing up for the camera.

The clip, which was posted to Twitter by Quinton O'Reilly, shows one of the Ireland fans throwing a fake punch at his friend, who then falls to the ground.

In the foreground, RTÉ presenter Daire O'Brien interviews former Carlow senior hurling manager John Meyler oblivious to what is happening behind them.


Dad, I failed my driving test.

The language in this one is as shocking as it is hilarious-- you've been warned.


The Irish bicycle prank

An absolute classic from Irish prank show Candid Camera-- it's long but it's worth it.

The half-room prank

When you're sharing a house with flatmates, there's always a bit of jealousy towards the person who has the biggest room.

So these lads decided to get their own back when their housemate, Rudi, owner of the largest room in the house, went on holidays-- by shrinking his room to half its size.


There's a leak under the sink!

Brenda Molloy Rothwell from Blanchardstown decided to play a trick on her father Robbie by telling him there was a leak under the sink.

She was sort of telling the truth.


Irish boy learns how to use the vacuum cleaner

They have to learn somehow...


That's not my son!

From one of the funniest Irish prank TV shows ever-- and that's saying something-- The Fear targeted one unsuspecting Dublin couple when two gardaí showed up at their door to say their convicted criminal son would have serve his prison sentence at their home as the prison was full.

Only problem is-- it's not their son.


Blindboy Boatclub's Cyanide prank

The comedian, musician, philosopher, writer and podcaster took his pranks to another level in last year's BBC show Blindboy Destroys the World, revealing a potentially dangerous truth behind influencers and the products they advertise-- by getting some of the biggest names to promote drinks containing deadly cyanide.

Take a look...


The best Irish prank of all time...

A DEARLY departed Irishman had the last laugh at his funeral with a gag that had mourners in tears of laughter.

In an inspired gag from beyond the grave, he organised his own funeral so that a recorded message was played after his coffin was lowered to the ground.

To all intents and purposes, it appeared as if he was shouting for help from within his casket.

In some countries, this kind of morbid humour might not have gone down so well.

Thankfully, however, this was Ireland.