Daniel Craig reveals Irish retirement plans on Late Late Show

Daniel Craig reveals Irish retirement plans on Late Late Show

FOLLOWING what will be his final appearance in one of the world’s most famous film franchises, 007 actor Daniel Craig revealed to Ryan Tubridy on Friday's Late Late Show that he is considering retiring to Ireland.

The rolling green fields of Ireland will surely be a change of pace from the CGI-rendered action scenes, star-studded red carpet events, and flashing lights that have constituted Craig's world for the past 16 years, since he took up the role of James Bond in 2005.

And maybe that’s exactly what he’s looking for as his last performance in the role of Agent 007 comes to an end, marked by the release of the latest Bond movie, No Time to Die, in cinemas next week.

The tough-talking, gun toting rogue that we see on the big screen was nowhere to be seen on the show, as Craig charmed the Irish audience and presenter with his characteristic humility.

When asked by the host if he spend some of his new-found time on holiday in Ireland, Craig replied "Yes, I mean, I love Ireland. I think I want to retire to Ireland if they will have me [laughs]."

Reflecting on his last stint as Bond, Craig said: "I feel very happy and grateful to be given a chance to make this last one and also very grateful for the fact that we managed finally to get it to cinemas and it not go elsewhere.

"Obviously, a lot has happened over the past year and a bit, and this is so low down the list of priorities, but it was just the hope that we would manage to get it into the cinemas and here we are - we got a premiere and everything. So, I am just... I am very excited about all of that."

"I was worried that I would kind of get sick of it and I never did, no," he said of taking on the iconic role.

"As long as there was somewhere we could take it and we could sort of go somewhere new and there was always something fresh to do then I was happy, I was very happy with it.

"It's odd, I have never played a role over and over and over again. I think it really snapped into focus in this film that it is a character I play... and who it is, and I won’t ever do that again. I suppose that is quite moving, that makes me quite emotional, yes."

The Trailer for No Time To Die can be viewed here.