Hilarious video of Irish jogger being chased by a goat goes viral

Hilarious video of Irish jogger being chased by a goat goes viral

FOOTAGE of a jogger being chased by a goat outside her home in Co. Kildare has gone viral, and we can't help but feel baaaaaa-d for the poor girl.

Katie Milner was forced to turn back just seconds after striding away from her house in Donadea on Wednesday following a sudden encounter with the rogue creature.

After jogging up the drive and out onto the road, Katie and her dog Montie spotted a few stray goats in her garden and decided to investigate.

But one of the animals wasn't too keen on the meeting and quickly began chasing Katie – causing her to turnaround and sprint back towards the safety of her home.

The angry creature certainly wasn't goating around (Image: iStock)

Luckily, Montie wasn't feeling sheepish at the time and he deterred the goat before a screaming Katie made it to safety – with her pride the sole casualty of the event.

The hilarious encounter was caught on camera by Katie's sister Sophie, who shared the clip on Twitter.

Captioned "Just your average day in Donadea", the video has been retweeted over 8,000 and has more than 30,000 likes at the time of writing – which we bet really gets Katie's goat!

Top baaaaaanter! Sorry, we're done acting the goat now. Make sure you watch the clip with sound on, you won't regret it...