How old do Irish celebs in Britain look?

How old do Irish celebs in Britain look?

HAVE you ever wondered how old you look to other people?

This clever (but ego-destroying) new tool by Microsoft can figure that out for you. Using hi-tech detection software How Old analyses your face and takes a stab in the dark at your age.

The results are a mixed bag, ranging from the very flattering to the not-so-flattering.

There is only so much entertainment you can get out of a computer telling you that you look 20 years older than you do - so we decided to see how the best-known faces among the Irish in Britain fared.

Take a look below...

Some of the results were almost spot on...

Una Foden, 34 (actual age: 33)

una foden The Saturdays singer Una Foden

 Graham Norton, 54 (actual age: 52)

graham norton TV presenter Graham Norton

 Christine Bleakley, 37 (actual age: 36)

christine bleakley TV presenter Christine Bleakley



Others were not too far out...

 Chris O'Down and Dawn O'Porter, 46 and 31 (actual ages: 35 and 36)

chris and dawn Actor Chris O'Dowd with his author wife Dawn O'Porter

Dara Ó Briain, 48 (actual age: 43)

dara o briain Comedian and TV presenter Dara Ó Briain

Some of the results were downright flattering!

Eamonn Holmes, 33 (actual age:55)

eamonn holmes Journalist and broadcaster Eamonn Holmes

Dan Mulhall, 38 (actual age: 60)

dan mulhall Ireland's Ambassador in Britain, Dan Mulhall



But, of course, there were a few that were a little bit harsh...

Niall Horan, 33 (actual age: 21)

niall horan One Direction singer Niall Horan


Mrs Brown, 66 (actual age: 59)

mrs brown Dublin mammy Mrs Brown (AKA Brendan O'Carroll)

Perhaps none more so than poor Louis Walsh...

Louis Walsh, 88 (actual age: 62)

louis walsh X Factor judge Louis Walsh