Hozier’s new single is about being ‘heartbroken by someone you trusted’

Hozier’s new single is about being ‘heartbroken by someone you trusted’

IRISH star Hozier has released a song from his new album which he has confirmed is all about heartache.

The track Unknown / Nth comes from his forthcoming album, Unreal Unearth, which is due to be released in August.

Featuring a blues guitar thread over a sparse, icy soundscape, the track “explores heartbreak at the hands of someone you trusted and the cycle of repeating the same mistakes”, the Co. Wicklow-born singer, who played a pop-up set at Glastonbury’s Woodsies stage over the weekend, confirmed.

“The title comes from the expression of an unknown but large number, i.e. ‘Nth’,” he said of the single.

“The song reflects on having your heart broken by someone you trusted,” he explains.

“You think you learned, and it happens again.”

Hozier's new album is released next month

The Bray native adds: “It also recalls ‘Ninth’ or the 9th circle of treachery.

"The song throws away the old premise of angelhood," the singer-songwriter explains.

"None of us are angels. We are all going to break someone else’s heart or hurt another person.

“Musically, there was a minimalist approach. In that cold empty place, something else happened.”

Unreal Unearth, which is released on August 18, marks Hozier’s third studio album.