Irish mothers try to get their children dates on Tinder with hilarious results

Irish mothers try to get their children dates on Tinder with hilarious results

IRISH mammies are great, but would you let them take control of your online dating profile?

Three young people did and the results were hilarious.

Irish YouTube group Fact invited the mothers of three of their regular video contributors, Patrick Murphy, Nicole O'Connor and Paul Finglas, to hijack their children's Tinder profiles.

Tinder is a dating application for smartphones which involves swiping left (dislike) or right (like) on dating profiles with which they are presented - if both parties swipe right, they will be able to talk to each other.

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In the video, each of the mothers were instructed on how to use the app before being allowed to decide whether to like or dislike people's profiles based on their photos and self-description.

The children's horrified and cringing reactions to their mothers' comments were also filmed.

In one instance, one of the mammies looks shocked by the profile of a man who claims to be in his early twenties. "22, he's lying!" she jokes.

The embarrassing mammy messages sent included: "Hi Bruno nic wide like to hook up", "You have lovely hair", and "You have a lovely smile, would you like to meet up?"

"The way she was typing was not like a normal person so I'm worried about the fact that people were writing back even still," Nicole said as she analysed the messages her mother sent to dating profiles.

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