Irish Simpsons fan page uncovers conspiracy theory about Ned Flanders

Irish Simpsons fan page uncovers conspiracy theory about Ned Flanders

AN IRISH fan page dedicated to The Simpsons has miraculously uncovered a conspiracy theory about Ned Flanders.

Fans of the show will know that Ned is the God-loving moustache-wearing, goody-two-shoes neighbour of Homer and the gang, and importantly, that he's left-handed.

In fact, he even owns a shop which only sells left-handed products called The Leftorium.

The eagle-eyed Twitter account - Ireland Simpsons Fans - noticed that something wasn't all that 'right' (aren't I funny?) with the self-proclaimed 'happiest man in Springfield, noticing that Ned had actually been predominantly using his right hand down the years.

Flanders was spotted bowling, writing and playing guitar with his right hand, and Ireland Simpsons Fans decided to go full Comic-Book Guy and got in touch with the producers of the show, looking for some answers.

Ireland Simpsons Fans went full Comic-Book Guy

Tagging Al Jean, who has been writing for the show since 1989, and has been show-runner permanently since 2001, the fan account wrote: "@AlJean explain yourself", accompanied with a number of photos of Ned's eyebrow-raising handiwork.

So what's going on here?

Is 'Saint Flanders' actually a no-good, double-crossing liar having posed for nearly 30 years as a proud lefty, or was this a simple case of forgetful animating?

Thankfully, Al Jean himself got in touch to provide the answer.

"A right-hander will definitely be fired for these blunders," he wrote in response - confirming that was the fault of the show's creators, not Ned himself.

Al Jean's response.

Thank the Lord, eh steady Neddy?

Anyway, if you're a Simpsons fan, give Ireland Simpsons Fans a follow, you won't regret it!