Laura Whitmore announces she won't present next series of Love Island

Laura Whitmore announces she won't present next series of Love Island

LAURA WHITMORE has announced that she will not present the next series of Love Island which is due to air in early 2023.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram to announce the news, saying there "are certain elements of the show" that she has found difficult "that cannot be changed some due to the format".

This included flying back and forth to South Africa (where the winter version of the show is set), and conflicts with other projects.

"I wish it was still possible but know you'll be in safe hands," she said.

"I was only planning to fill in for Caroline for a series and it turned into 3 series. I hope I did you proud Caroline," she finished.

Whitmore began presenting Love Island during the winter series of 2020, during which the passing of original presenter Caroline Flack occurred.

She then returned to present the series in 2021, and again this year.

It was recently announced that there would be another winter series in 2023, along with the usual summer series.

The Bray-native also recently announced that she was leaving her BBC Radio 5 Live show after four years.

Just a few weeks later, she announce that she was taking over the role of Jenny in the West End ghost play 2:22 A Ghost Story. She is currently rehearsing for the play, with her run in it beginning on 6 September and finishing on 8 January.

The winter Love Island series of 2020 began on 12 January, meaning that it is likely there would have been interference between pre-production and Whitmore's stint on the West End.