Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie sequel confirmed

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie sequel confirmed

BRENDAN O’Carroll’s forthcoming film Mrs Brown’s Boys: D’Movie has yet to hit the big screen, but a sequel is already on the agenda.

The movie is due to be released in cinemas on June 27, and there is now talk of a follow-up of the silver screen version of Mrs Brown’s Boys that could be brought to audiences as early as 2016.

“There’s already talk of a sequel, maybe to film next year in time for a 2016 release," manager Rory Cowan said.

“Brendan O’Carroll has been asked to do it, so it’s up to him whether he wants to, but I know he had a lot of fun doing the first film.

"It was an enjoyable experiment for all of us and he’d have no qualms about doing another one.

“Brendan hasn’t started writing it, so we’ve no idea what the squeal might be about.”

He added that BBC Films were confident that Mrs Brown’s Boys: D’Movie would prove to be a success.

“They’re showing it at the highest amount of cinemas so it seems they’re thinking that it will be a big film,” he said.

Cowan also confirmed that fans of the hit BBC show can expect two more TV Christmas specials, whilst another full series is still on the cards.

“We haven’t ruled out a fourth series but that will be decided next year when Brendan is free to write it,” he explained.