Restructure and rebrand as Irish Film London broadens its horizons

Restructure and rebrand as Irish Film London broadens its horizons

IRISH FILM LONDON has announced a significant rebrand as it plans to increase it engagement outside of the capital.

Now in its twelfth year, the organisation plans to “increase its engagement with the Irish diaspora and encompass every nation and region of the UK, not just in London” if confirmed this week.

As such, it will now be known as Irish Film & TV UK (IFTUK), and it is busy working away on its five-year plan to realise those ideals.

Speaking on the rebrand, IFTUK Chair Carey Fitzgerald said: “This is an exciting time of IFTUK with the re-brand and plans for the future.”

Members of the IFTUK board

A recent restructuring within the organisation has seen Steven Greenfields newly added to the board.

Mr Greenfields, who will lead on Development, Legal and Business Affairs, was formerly Head of Legal and Business Affairs at the independent production company, Scala Productions - which was responsible for Oscar-winning film The Crying Game and the Oscar-nominated Little Voice.

He has since set up his own multi-award winning international law firm SZ Greenfields.

“We are delighted to welcome Steven to the Board,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“Steven’s expertise complements the skills of the rest of the Board, ensuring we are a well-rounded and strong Board”.

IFTUK’s vice chair and treasurer, Michael Martin added: “IFTUK’s Board Members possess an excellent set of skills that will bring IFTUK forward in a professional and well-structured manner.

“Steven’s expertise will significantly contribute to IFTUK’s future en- suring the organisation is built on strong governance and financial security”.

Steven Greenfields has recently joined the IFTUK board

Currently looking to the future, IFTUK confirms it remains dedicated to “raising the profile of Irish Film, TV, Animation and Culture across the whole of the UK”.

Events planned for this year IFTUK’s annual Irish Film Festival & Awards Ceremony, which will take place in London in November.

The organisation also plans to expand its St Brigid’s & St. Patrick’s Festivals in 2024, “promoting both female and male filmmakers respectively, focusing on talent with an emphasis on both female and male issues”.

An addition to the IFTUK calendar for next year are plans for LGBTQ+ events during Pride month.

IFTUK will be relaunching and rebranding its website in the coming weeks it has confirmed.