WATCH: Big Bird performs quad bike wheelies in Irish town to lift spirits on St Patrick's Day

WATCH: Big Bird performs quad bike wheelies in Irish town to lift spirits on St Patrick's Day

ST PATRICK'S Day holds countless traditions for different communities and individuals across Ireland and the world-- some more unique than others.

In Rush, a village in Fingal, County Dublin, one such unique tradition is that of Sesame Street character Big Bird performing wheelies on a quad bike through the town on the big day.

We're not sure where this tradition stems from, or why they do it (except perhaps for the obvious hilarity of the whole thing), but it's something the locals have come to expect each year-- and this St Patrick's Day is no different.

In 2019, Rush unveiled their newest celebrity in their annual St Patrick's Day parade, shown here in a tweet by Virgin Media One reporter Richard Chambers, and they were instantly a massive hit.

And while St Patrick's Day 2020 was an eerily different affair from previous years, Rush's Big Bird saved the day by making its much anticipated reappearance-- parade or no parade.

Footage by Twitter user Robbie Farrell showed the local hero tearing up the village road with the caption: "They may have closed the pubs, they may have closed the schools, but nothing is stopping Big Bird doing wheelies up Rush main street on Paddy's Day".

Another view of the stunt shows the un-blinking, ever-smiling luminous bird coming towards a car from the other side, and, while it looks like something straight out of a bizarre cheese-induced nightmare, it's also weirdly comforting to think they're still parading the streets.

At a time where there's not much to laugh about, Rush's Big Bird put a smile on a lot of people's faces-- and Irish twitter comedian Michael Fry was even able to use it to put a lighter note on Leo Varadkar's ominous message to the nation last night.

Here's to Big Bird-- the new St Patrick's Day hero.