WATCH: Irish dad's disgusted reaction to badly-poured pints of Guinness goes viral

WATCH: Irish dad's disgusted reaction to badly-poured pints of Guinness goes viral

THERE'S NOTHING worse than a badly-poured pint of Guinness.

Whether it's got too much head, or too little, is served in the wrong glass or hasn't been given time to settle before being topped up, the disappointment you feel when being served a terrible pint is second to none.

Irish people feel so strongly about how to properly pour a pint of the black stuff in fact, that an Instagram page titled 'Shitlondonguinness' has amassed almost 150,000 followers and even spawned a slew of merchandise including clothing and collectables (once notably worn by actor Jamie Dornan).

Shitlondonguinness was set up by Cork man Ian Ryan, who lamented the absolute state of some of the pints poured in London pubs after he immigrated more than three years ago, and aims to shame them into doing it right.

Now a video of one Irish lad showing his father some of the desperate excuses for pints has gone viral, after it was shared by the Shitlondonguinness page itself.

In the video-- which is as about as explicit as you'd expect-- Cork native and musician known as Yenkee flicks through the post, with the reaction from his "extremely Cork dad" growing more pained by the second.

"Is that a pint now?" he asks incredulously. "Are you having a fucking laugh? Ah for fuck's sake."

'Ah look at the bubbles!' 'You'd be dying after that you would!' and 'Ah for fuck's sake, like!' are just some of the choice quotes featured in the video, which prove that Irish people are both seriously poetic in their use of swears and feel very strongly about how to pour a pint of Guinness right.

Check it out below, and follow Shitlondonguinness for more... well, shit London Guinness.