10 reasons why an Irish Christmas dinner beats a British one every time
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10 reasons why an Irish Christmas dinner beats a British one every time

CHRISTMAS DINNER may be an annual favourite on UK shores but for the ultimate festive fest you’re best off heading across the Irish Sea.

They do December 25 a little differently in Ireland whether it’s the choice of vegetables, selection of sauces or even the matter of how many meats are served.

Still unconvinced? Let The Irish Post guide you through just a handful of the reasons why, when it comes to the ultimate Christmas Dinner, the Irish way works best.

10. Four types of potato are served

Roast potatoes, potato gratin, mashed potato and potato stuffing. Because there's no such thing as too much potato.

9. No one does potato gratin quite like the Irish

A recipe handed down from generation to generation. Somehow crispy and soft all at once. Magical.

8. Two types of meat are served, without fail

 Ireland sees your roast turkey and raises you one honey glazed ham.

7. The honey glaze on the Christmas ham is heavenly

Somehow appropriate to serve the nectar of the Gods on Jesus's birthday, right?

6. Ireland has the best stuffing

Potato and bread stuff represents Ireland's best double act since Father Ted and Dougal.

5. Not a pig in blanket to be seen

 You can keep you're overly salty phallic symbols - there's turkey and ham to be had.

4. Everything is washed down with Guinness

Name another Christmas drink that's both refreshing and comforting in equal measure. We'll wait.

3. There's nothing quite like Christmas mass

Soothing, spiritual and it keeps your mum happy.

2. Irish sherry trifle beats Christmas Cake every time

Christmas pudding is great and everything but an Irish trifle remains an absolute game-changer.

1. There are Baileys coffees long into the night

The perfect way to see out the day, in front of a roaring fire in the company of friends and family