24 Irish sweets that will take you back to your childhood
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24 Irish sweets that will take you back to your childhood

THESE days young folk are kept on a pretty strict, almost sugar free diet, but that wasn’t always the case.

Back in the day, before gluten free was even a thing, kids survived on a heady mix of sweets, sweets and more sweets.

Okay, so it wasn’t quite like that but there are still plenty of familiar sweet treats, past and present, that will send the memories flooding back.

Here are 24 of the best, as chosen by The Irish Post.

 24. Kimberley Mallow Cakes

Your first love was a chocolate covered mallow cake called Kimberley.

23. Wafer Snack! Bars

Snacks used to mean something back then.

22. Opal Fruits

Sod your Starburst - they'll always be Opal Fruits to us.

21. Roy of the Rovers chews

Now that was Roy of the Rovers stuff.

20. Secret Bars

As the adverts said: "No one can keep a secret".


19. Apple Drops

An apple drop a day...

18. Black Jacks

A tuck shop classic.

17. Dream Bars

Totally lived up to the billing.


16. Desperate Dan Bars

A mighty fine chew.


15. Flying Saucers

The perfect sherbet delivery system.

14. Funny Money

Back when currency was funny. And edible.


13. Fruit Salads

The only kind of fruit salad worth a damn.


12. Macaroon Bars


The grandaddy of sweet treats.


11. Bullseyes

A quarter of bulleyes would set you up nicely on a Saturday.


10. Rose Cream Pies

Finding one of these in your lunch box was like winning the lottery.


9. Candy Sticks

Because back in the day sweets were occasionally marketed as fake cigarettes.


8. Rhubarb & Custards

The established classic.

7. Smileys

An Irish national treasure.

6. Taz Bars

Yes, we know a Freddo bar is the same thing, but  it'll never replace Taz.

5. Toffos

Say goodbye to your teeth...


4. Ritchie's Milky Mints

It sounds like it shouldn't work but it does.


3. Push Pops

The most 90s sweet ever.


2. Woppa Bars

A cornershop favourite for a whole generation.

1. Galaxy Truffles

It may have only been discontinued in 2011, but we miss the Galaxy Truffle almost every day.

** Published on: Sep 15, 2019