Breathtaking video released showcasing unique rugged beauty of Skellig Michael
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Breathtaking video released showcasing unique rugged beauty of Skellig Michael

"IT IS outstanding, in universal and global terms."

One of Ireland's most famous landmarks has stunned audiences across the world with its incredible beauty-- all while it remains closed to the public.

The National Monuments Service has released a video showcasing Sceilg Mhichíl-- also known as Skellig Michael-- to ease the disappointment of tourists that the Skellig will not reopen for tours until 2021.

Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage site which became even more famous than before when it was featured in the Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens', is currently undergoing vital conservation and maintenance work, including the refurbishment of the site's lower lighthouse.

But though it will be a while before the public can visit its majestic shores again, the video by National Monuments Service almost makes you feel like you're there.

Sceilg Mhicíl / Skellig Michael (Image: National Monuments Service)

Narrated by Chief Archaeologist Michael MacDonagh, the clip showcases the unique scenery and nature which can be found on the Skellig, including the famous puffins which flock to its shores, and explores the reasons why the site appeals so much to people.

"I think it's the concept of pilgrimage," MacDonagh says.

"You have a boat journey. No matter how wild or calm the sea is, you're very aware that you're journeying to a place."

He also makes reference to the ancient history embedded on the Skellig, poetically describing: "Dotted throughout the island are the faint, ghost-like traces of old steps leading up the peak, up towards the monastery".

Kerry; skellig Michael

The team of archaeologists explore every inch of the site, including the monastery and structures which remain on the island despite being "battered by the elements here in the Atlantic, and increasingly battered by extreme weather".

Skellig Michael is now open for bookings for the 2021 season, after vital works have been completed (You can make your booking here).

But if you just can't wait, and need to get a taste of the utterly unique beauty and ancient history to be found on Sceilg Mhicíl, make sure to check out the video below.