Can't cope with the heat! 14 of the best tweets from the heatwave in Ireland and Britian
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Can't cope with the heat! 14 of the best tweets from the heatwave in Ireland and Britian

ALMOST EVERYONE in Ireland and the Britain got a blast of summer sun yesterday with the heatwave that hit everywhere from London to Cork right up to Belfast.

The temperatures hit highs of 30 degrees celsius in London with many deciding to ditch the office and head to the park to catch a few rays. Others weren't as enthusiastic about the heat - opting to take to social media to display their displeasure.

It wasn't long until #hottestdayoftheyear was trending on Twitter.

Here are some of the best tweets...

  1. There were some who didn't need to explain it too much

2. Others hoping to god someone else feels their pain

3. Others decided to look at the funnier side of the situation

4. Some took it as a chance to have a rant about why they hate the sun ...

5. Conversations right around the country summed up in one tweet

6. Others just wanted to ruin the buzz for everyone else

7. Some were determined to have the time of their lives and pose for the camera all at the same time

8. Some looked to sum up the feelings of the poor farmers, won't somebody think of the poor farmers?

9. Sarcasm from cranky Irish people on a day when it's scorching outside? Can't beat it

10. Comedians jumped in on the act with the popular Rory's Stories lending a hand to give us all a laugh

11. At the end of the day we are usually left with sunburned torsos and a waddle to the couch with ice cream in hand

12. Some across the pond were in hysterics at our inability to handle a little bit of sun. Australia for one could tell us a thing or two about heatwaves

13. Spare a thought for the poor unfortunates who wear glasses on days like today

14. While some were worried that the sun might affect their ability to catch em all.