Four fantastic films about the life of St Patrick and where to watch them
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Four fantastic films about the life of St Patrick and where to watch them

WE WON'T be able to celebrate on the streets, but there are plenty of way to mark this year's Saint Patrick's Day.

The life of Saint Patrick is well-known, having been passed down generation to generation through storytelling, books, songs, art and music.

This year, while the traditional St Patrick's Day mass and parades won't go ahead in person, here are four brilliant documentaries, movies and short films about Ireland's Patron Saint that the whole family can enjoy-- and where to watch them.


I AM PATRICK: The Patron Saint of Ireland (Netflix)

'I am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland' uses re-enactments, expert interviews and Patrick's own writings to tell the tale of the man who drove the snakes out of Ireland.

The docudrama arrived on Netflix just in time for St Patrick's Day last year to raving reviews from critics and the public, and is a must-watch whether you're Catholic, interested in Irish history or just love a good documentary.


St Patrick: The Irish Legend (Amazon Video)

The very first feature-length film documenting the life of Saint Patrick, The Irish Legend was originally released in 2000 but is generally aired on TV-- particularly in America-- each year.

Starring Patrick Bergin as the man himself, along with Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates and Susannah York, St Patrick: The Irish Legend is a great way to learn about the man who brought Christianity to Ireland.

The movie is also available to watch in its entirety on Youtube.

St Patrick: Apostle of Ireland (Amazon Video)

This 2004 documentary delves deep into the myths and facts surrounding the story of St Patrick, revealing the ordinary man behind who completed the incredible feat of bringing the Irish people away from their pagan roots to become one of the most Catholic countries in the world.

St Patrick: Apostle of Ireland uses what little historical evidence remains of Patrick's time in 4th-century Ireland, using Patrick's own journals to decipher the miraculous events of his time on the Emerald Isle.


Give Up Yer Aul Sins (Youtube)

This fantastic short film was nominated for an Academy Award following its release in 2001.

The animated film-- created by the brilliant Irish animation studio Brown Bag Films-- took audio recordings from Dublin schoolrooms in the 1960s, where children were asked about their knowledge of biblical stories.

One young girl was asked to relay the story of Saint Patrick, which she did-- and which was transformed into a cartoon by Brown Bag.

The result is hilarious and will make you (somewhat) nostalgic for your own school days. The Saint Patrick clip is available to watch on Youtube and is definitely one to watch with your kids.