How to make a perfect Irish Coffee in six easy steps
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How to make a perfect Irish Coffee in six easy steps

How to make the perfect Irish Coffee:

1. Put two teaspoons of sugar, preferably brown, into a stemmed glass

2. Add one-third Jameson Irish Whiskey, or any other good Irish Whiskey you like 

3. Add two-thirds really hot strong black coffee (The glass should now be filled with this mixture to within half an inch of the brim)

4. Stir well at this point to ensure all of the sugar is dissolved

5. Carefully float over the back of a spoon a dash of lightly-whipped cream so that the cream floats on top of the coffee and whiskey (do not stir anymore)

6. Serve the drink without a spoon or straw to enjoy sipping the hot coffee and whiskey through the cool cream


A few things you mightn't know about the history of Irish Coffee:

  • While Irish Whiskey has been Ireland’s national spirit drink for more than 1,000 years, it was the habit of putting whiskey into tea that was established in Ireland in the 16th century

  • Putting Irish Whiskey into coffee only became popular when transatlantic flying resumed after World War Two

  • During refueling stops at Shannon Airport, Chief Barman Joe Sheridan created the new and more glamorous form of the drink for American clientele

  • He began the trend of serving the drink in a stemmed glass rather than in a cup to create a more attractive drink