The Irish county with the most pubs has been revealed
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The Irish county with the most pubs has been revealed

LIFE isn't all beer and skittles, unless you live a certain somewhere down south.

New research by AIB has revealed the county in Ireland which has the most pubs, plus the county which has the most pubs per person.

The latest AIB Pubs Outlook report shows that Cork has more pubs than any other county in the Emerald Isle, with no less than 955 pubs between its borders.

That’s almost 200 more than the next pub-plentiful county, Dublin, which has a total of 772 establishments.

Nevertheless, Dublin comes bottom of the list when it comes to boozers per person – meaning there are 1,649 people in the capital for every one pub, compared to the figure of 543 for Cork.

The county with the fewest people per pub is Mayo, with 323 people for every one establishment – meaning you’re more likely to sip a quiet pint in the Westerners’ county than anywhere else.

Other counties with low numbers of people per pub include Kerry at 334, Tipperary at 350 and Clare at 383.

Click on the graphic below to see how pub-plentiful your county is…