Irish travellers challenge "John-Paul" to a fight in hilarious viral clip
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Irish travellers challenge "John-Paul" to a fight in hilarious viral clip

We really wouldn’t want to be in John-Paul’s shoes right now.

He's the target of an amusing new video in which a group of travellers spend three minutes threatening to beat him up.

The only hope is John-Paul sees the funny side - because the internet certainly has, as Metro reports.

Uploaded to YouTube on April 2, the clip has already racked up over 140,000 views.

Some of the credit for that has to go to whoever put together the subtitles for the video.

We appreciate that Irish accents can be a little tricky to understand for those who are new to them, but these subtitles are clearly designed to amuse rather than inform.

Accuracy really wasn't the first order of the day, with the subtitler getting a little creative with his interpretation of their threats.

Highlights include: "I'll fight the two of you. I'll fight Kathleen's bike first", "Our Mamma was right, you go to bed" and "One night, one night i'll be sh** as granddad."

Perhaps the funniest moment is reserved for the man in a red check shirt, who delivers a rage-fuelled warning that basically sounds like him shouting the word "kebab" over and over again.

It's worth noting that all of the men involved are very, very angry. They might not be happy with this video being uploaded with the inaccurate subtitles to YouTube, either.

In fact, they could be preparing another video for the uploader now. So John-Paul might be off the hook.