Online event tackling centenary of Irish partition draws global audience
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Online event tackling centenary of Irish partition draws global audience

AN online history event hosted by the Luton Irish Forum (LIF) drew a crowd of more than 100 people from across the globe.

The talk by the renowned historian Dr Ivan Gibbons, took place on December 3.

Dr Gibbons’ lecture accompanied the release of his book: Partition How and Why Ireland was Divided.

To mark the centenary of the creation of Northern Ireland and the Republic, which falls in 2021, Dr Gibbons gave his audience an insight into why Ireland was partitioned and how those two states were created.

Held online due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the LIF were “delighted” with the turnout for the virtual event, they confirmed this week.

“As an online event, we had expected a good turnout, but were delighted when all 100 tickets were allocated,” they admit.

“Over Zoom there was an array of couples and families tuning in from as far away as the US and Brazil,” they added.

And the viewers were similarly happy with the event, with one writing: “I’m glad it was online as otherwise I would have missed it, as I live in Edinburgh.”

Another viewer described it as “a brilliant evening”, adding: “I feel I’ve learnt so much. Ivan is such a good communicator.”

During the event Dr Gibbons spoke with authority, passion and humour on what is an undeniably emotive subject, before going on to field an hour’s Q&A from his enthusiastic audience, on subjects ranging from reunification to Brexit.

Tom Scanlon, LIF Chair, said: “It was right to take these issues and discuss them.”

He added that the organisation looked forward to a “brighter and better time next year” where he hoped to meet at the LIF building “so as we can have another exchange of views, on I am sure, a different topic”.

LIF’s next venture is a St Brigid’s Day event due to be held on January 30, 2021, celebrating Irish Women in Comedy.

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