Pictures: Fans get suited up as thousands flock to Dublin Comic Con
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Pictures: Fans get suited up as thousands flock to Dublin Comic Con

THOUSANDS of people have flocked to the Convention Centre Dublin for this year’s Comic Con event.

Now in its sixth year, the event attracts fans young and old from the worlds of comics, movies, TV shows and gaming.

As expected a huge number of cosplay fans turned up as their favourite characters, with the event hosting a Cosplay Village and costume contest.

The huge three-day event, which takes place across four floors at the centre, concludes today.

Special guests at the convention include Dean Cain from TV show The New Adventures of Superman, Michael Dorn who played Worf in the Star Trek franchise and Shaun of the Dead actor Nick Frost.

Dad Eoin with his daughter Kara Barcaly, 4, from Dublin (Image: Sam Boal /

Damien Mallon form Belfast as Mr Bean, Jade O Farrell Bond from Co. Tipperary as DC Comics' Enchantress and David Brazil from Ballyfermot as Darth Maul from the Star Wars franchise (Image: Sam Boal /

(Image: Sam Boal /

Aaron Lockhart as Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise (Image: Sam Boal /

Layla Baily, 5, from Skerries (Image: Sam Boal /

Robyn, 4, as Goku from the Dragon Ball series and Casey Roach, 4, as Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy (Image: Sam Boal /

James Moore, 4, from Belfast checks out the cosplayers (Image: Sam Boal /

Thousands of fans flocked to the Convention Centre (Image: Sam Boal /

Eva Majury, 14, from Belfast as Yume Nijino from Aikatsu Stars!, a Star Lord cosplayer checks his phone, and Sophie Burke from Newbridge as Poison Ivy from the Batman franchise (Image: Sam Boal /

Ciera Lockhart from Dublin (Image: Sam Boal /

Kingsley Kirkwood, 3, dressed as the Hulk with dad Shane and Adam, 4, dressed as Thor with dad Eddie Dixon (Image: Sam Boal /

(Image: Sam Boal /

(Image: Sam Boal /

Jane Lockhart and Shauna Maher from Dublin as Porge and Buzz Lightyear respectively (Image: Sam Boal /

No matter who you're dressed as, everyone needs a pass (Image: Sam Boal /