Picturesque town crowned Ireland's most romantic location
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Picturesque town crowned Ireland's most romantic location

ONE of Ireland’s most picturesque towns has been crowned the nation’s most romantic location.

A survey undertaken to mark Valentine’s Day, has revealed Ireland’s top 10 romantic spots.

The data, compiled by Hello Fresh Ireland, reveals Killarney takes the top spot thanks to its “range of romantic and affordable date choices”.

The food brand, which delivers fresh food boxes to the homes of its clients, analysed over 30 cities and towns across Ireland to find the ultimate romantic destination.

“Data experts evaluated each location across various categories, including accommodation options, dining experiences, entertainment choices and affordability,” they explain.

Killarney took the top spot, followed by Sligo, Ennis, Navan and Shannon making up the top five.

“Killarney boasts the most romantic hotels and accommodations per capita, and offers some of the most affordable meal and wine options,” Hello Fresh Ireland explains.

“It's a haven for couples seeking a dreamy escape without breaking the bank.”

Killarney has been crowned the most romantic spot in Ireland

They add: “But Killarney isn't the only destination that can charm Irish hearts.

“Sligo claims the second spot with plenty of romantic hotel options, closely followed by Ennis, which scored exceptionally well for affordability.”

The research also revealed fascinating insights into Ireland’s dining scene.

A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant with three courses can cost you €100 in Clonmel, while the budget-friendly Longford offers the same experience at just €52.50.

For those opting for a cinematic experience, Navan emerges as the most economical choice with a ticket priced at €7.25, while Greystones comes at a premium with tickets reaching €14.

Top 10 Date Spots in Ireland:




Navan (An Uaimh)